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How it Works...

 Here are brief explanations for some of the questions that you may have about the Public Classifieds.

How does this system work?

On the front page for the Public Classifieds, you will see several buttons that allow you to register, browse, and search ads. Please click on one of these buttons, depending on the action that you want to take. If you want to post an ad, you will first need to register. In the future, anytime that you want to access your account you will need to login, you will need to know your username and password. Therefore, please make a note of them.

How do I post an ad?

From the main page, click on the "Sign In" button. and login as described. You will then be loged in to your account. Here, you will see a form with many fields. You will from here be able to place an add and access your other ads. Click on the "place an ad" button. Follow the instructions from here.  

Can I put HTML tags anywhere in my posts?

No. You can not use HTML tags in the body of the message. If you put HTML tags in your message, the script will just throw out everything in between the <>'s.

What should I put in the "Text of Ad" box?

Please describe the item that you are trying to sell in as much detail as you can. If you're posting a classified ad advertising a car, tell people about the year, make, model, number of miles, options, etc. If you're posting a classified ad advertising a piece of real estate for sale or for rent, tell them about the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and other rooms; about the amenities; etc. If you're announcing a garage sale, be sure to tell readers the exact time and location of the garage sale and describe some of the items that will be available. For personal ads, tell people what you look like, what you do for a living, what your hobbies and interests are, where you're from, etc. Also, don't be afraid to say what you're looking for both in terms of physical or personality traits and in terms of the relationship. If you want someone who is a specific age or looks a certain way or has certain political or recreational interests, say so! Being honest about both what you're really like and what you really want will help to avoid misunderstandings in the future. If you're posting a job offers ad, tell people about the type of work, what skills, education, or experience is required, what the rate of pay is, the geographic location of the job, and any other information relevant to this particular position. If you're posting an seeking position ad, tell potential employers about the type of work you desire, your skills, education, and experience, what salary level you are seeking, what geographic areas you would prefer to work in, and any other relevant information about yourself.

Why didn't my classified ad show up?

Your classified ad most likely did not show up because either you were in the wrong category (such as "Housing" instead of "Personals") or you specified search criteria that don't appear in your ad. If so, please verify that you selected the correct category and then broaden your search by leaving more of the search fields blank.

How do I modify my ad?

After you login. At the top of every page you will find the "my active ads" button. From here you will be able to renew, edit or remove your active ad.  

How do I remove my ad?

See above in How do I modify my ad?

Why didn't my search turn up any hits?

Your search criteria may have been too narrow. Go back to the search form and leave more of the search fields blank, or click on the "New Search" button and do a general search. For the broadest possible search, simply select All Categories

How do I navigate the search results page?

The results of your search will be displayed on the search results page. To see more of your search results, you can click on the "See The Next X Hits" button beneath the ads displayed on this page.

What do all of those abbreviations in the personal ads stand for?

Below are some of the most commonly used abbreviations for personal ads and what they mean:

  • M--Male
  • F--Female
  • W--White
  • B--Black
  • H--Hispanic
  • A--Asian
  • J--Jewish
  • S--Single
  • D--Divorced
  • M--Married (not that we're encouraging this)
  • Wi--Widowed
  • G--Gay
  • Bi--Bisexual
  • C--Christian
  • P--Professional
  • NS--Non-smoking
  • ISO--In Search Of
  • y.o.--Years Old

How do I contact someone who has posted a classified ad?

From the ad page click on contact seller on the right hand side, from here enter your email address and your comments, then click on th submit query button.


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